Through the past seven decades, ASCLS has contributed much to the profession: in advocacy, standards setting, education (professional and continuing), personal and professional development, and much more. ASCLS continues today as the pre-eminent laboratory organization representing laboratory personnel and advancing their interests—individually and collectively. ASCLS members are the heart of ASCLS and there is the continuous flow of goals, ideas, strategic actions and communication between our grassroots members, our state, our region and national ASCLS. Sharing of time and talents at all levels of our society moves our profession and our professional organization forward.

ASCLS Believes:

  1. Quality laboratory service is essential to quality health care.
  2. Competent, credentialed, laboratory professionals are the foundation to quality laboratory medicine.
  3. Everyone deserves access to safe, effective, efficient, equitable, and patient-centered healthcare, and
  4. Advancing the laboratory profession advances health care.

Core Values:

  1. Ensuring safe, accurate, efficient, appropriate and cost effective laboratory services is a component of quality

  2. Defining the characteristics of competent personnel within the profession and providing professional development opportunities so that practitioners can maintain competency are essential roles of a professional association

  3. Enabling laboratory professionals to function at their highest level of competence will contribute to cost effective health care

  4. Promoting diversity supports the delivery of quality laboratory service

  5. Taking a leadership role in standard and policy setting is a core professional responsibility

  6. Advocating for quality within the laboratory is essential to the assurance of quality health care delivery



ASCLS Regions and ASCLS Region III ASCLS is made up of three levels of governance, national, regional, and state. At each of these levels, ASCLS has governing bodies that function to coordinate, within their boundaries, activities that support the principles of ASCLS and further the goals of ASCLS. ASCLS national is divided into 10 regions and each region is made up of associated states. The 10 regions each have a regional council that serves as the governing body of the region. This regional governing body consists of a nationally elected Regional Director, Officers of Constituent states and, as ex officio members, all such persons in the region who serve ASCLS in an elective or appointive capacity. The purpose of the regional council is to provide for the constituent states support and greater access to, and utilization of, the resources of ASCLS. ASCLS region III includes the following states, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Puerto Rico.


Region III Director   Janelle_IconDr. Janelle M. Chiasera
Treasurer Ms. Krystal Triplett
Membership Ms. Tabitha Godwin, Pamela Mathews, Sarah Orstudius
First Yr. Professional Ms. Heather Chapman
Student Forum Rep Mr. Jason Frazier
Government Affairs Rep Mr. Jason Bandura
Political Action Comm. Rep Ms. Kemorine Roberts
Diversity Advisory Council Rep Ms. Kemorine Roberts
New Professionals/New member Rep  Ms. Ally Storla
Leadership Development Rep Mr. David Thrash
ASCLS-Alabama Ms. Tera Webb, President, Ms. Brianna Miller, President-elect
ASCLS-Florida Mr. Michael Bishop, President; Dr. Tripat Kaur, President-elect
ASCLS-Georgia Ms. Lacey Campbell, President; Ms. Crystal Lerch, President-elect
ASCLS-MS Dr. Sabrina Bryant, President; Ms. LaJuanda Portis, President-elect
ASCLS-NC Mr. Eric Stanford, President
ASCLS-SC Mr. Fred Hornick, President; Ms. Joanna C. Baker, President-elect
ASCLS-TN Mr. John Bandura, President; Mr. Hema D’souza, President-elect